What does a vine really experiences when it is in a good “terroir” or during a “good vintage”? To uncover the “terroir” or the “vintage” effect on vine activity, the best is simply to ask directly the plant. In other words, the best is to measure directly on the vine how it responds  to the […]

The climatic context before and after budbreak plays a very important role in shaping the vintage effect. Temperature accumulation and soil moisture availability initialize the plant cycle with carry over consequences that can last until harvest. Before budbreak: Abundance or scarcity of water in the ground will affect root activity. […]

The Fruition blog is dedicated to dissecting current vintage effect on vineyard production worldwide. It is rooted in research in oenology and viticulture and is based on vine physiological data. It provides well-informed insights on how the ongoing vintage is shaping the vineyard and ultimately the wine. On a regular […]