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In 2008 we began designing software that would support vineyard decision making, we were pioneers. We wanted to enable winegrowers to factually analyze the events (practices, environment, etc.) that impact the plant and fruit through a scientific data approach. There are two main goals of our work: to improve the quality of the final products (the wine and the yield of the vineyard), but also to facilitate the everyday life of the winegrowers (saving time, easier, safer decisions).

To advance on our software, in 2017, we started the complete redesign of our online platform, the Fruition Analytics interface. The idea was to create a technically capable tool to cope with the digital revolution of viticulture. Our platform had to be able to manage the multiplication of different inputs, and aggregate data to return concise, informative analytics. These analytics complete your perspective, making it faster and easier to understand.

360viti: Improving the User Experience

Our intention, at Fruition Sciences, is to make precision viticulture more accessible, dependable, and informative; all along aiding in the efficiency of teamwork and resource management. Fruition Analytics was designed for someone who was already an expert, very tech savvy and had a deep understanding of his vineyard; we recognized this was not always easily approachable for everyone.  To fill the void in approachability, in 2018, we continued ergonomic work on Fruition Analytics to provide for each of your needs, objectives, and budgets.  With the new and improved platform, comes a new name, 360viti. 360viti will be everything that Fruition Analytics was and more! 360viti will have the same framework as Fruition Analytics, but we will be introducing new features and a new pricing structure. There will be two different software licenses; connected tools and services will be added on accordingly. 360viti has three main objectives: informative, efficient, dependable.


Image 1: 360viti an interface to bring all your vineyard data together

360viti: A New, More Simple and Ergonomic Architecture

360viti is split into three applications (Maps, Graphs, and Enter Data) structured around the main Dashboard. In the future, we plan to add new applications. For example, a spreadsheet is in development and will allow all of your data to be viewed and interpreted on 360viti (no more switching between spreadsheets, websites, viewing PDF maps : everything will be on 360viti!).

360viti: Facilitating Collaboration and Information Sharing

With the increase of software programs offered to vineyard managers, Fruition Analytics/360viti has evolved to be a platform with the ability to integrate many data-suppliers and data coming from various origins (for example laboratories analysis, weather stations, disease models). The goal for 360viti is to connect digital stakeholders and make life easier for winemakers, their teams and their consultants. Furthermore, for consultants, or for large companies working with many people over many locations, we wanted to facilitate collaborations and ease work complexity by providing real-time data and creating access to shared information. Not only will your team benefit, but your vineyard will thrive.

“360viti is very complete, well thought out, and gives the management/consultant the most different, advanced data that can be acquired in the vineyard. In addition to the climatology, physiology, and maps, [360viti] also allows integration of other data, including maturity parameters measured with Vivelys’ Dyostem. Modular and customizable to perfection, usable after very little practice, very sharp reports, and trackable information.”

Dorian Fages, Château Latour, Viticulture R&D. October 2018

360viti: Structured to Anticipate Technological Developments

Data processing requires a very demanding and complex digital architecture to be robust, fast, and agile enough to cope with the evolution of information technologies and the volume of information. Our data science and development teams have built a new infrastructure that is ready to face the challenges ahead. No matter the volume of data, new integrations of partner-data-suppliers- with 360viti, we are ready!


Image 2: an example of some 360viti partners and integrations

Fruition Sciences, 10 years old!

Thanks to our ten (plus) years of experience, numerous proofs of concepts, and other innovations in development, we have become a trusted company. We keep receiving numerous testimonials about satisfied users years after years. To us, this is a  tangible proof of efficiency. We have conceived a reputable tool, dedicated to everyone involved in viticulture. Our wish is that our present and future customers will gain perspective on what results from their efforts in the vineyard. We hope to keep having  very satisfied users of  360viti which reflects the passionate work of our teams around the world.

Sébastien Payen, Co-founder, and CEO of FRUITION SCIENCES


Thibaut Scholasch Co-Founder and Director of Research at FRUITION SCIENCES


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