December 2019. Grapegrower & Winemaker, Australia’s longest established and most authoritative wine industry journal. This article presents Two Hands Wine, an exceptional Australian winemaker in the Barossa Valley (South Australia). Two Hands wines uses our irrigation method 360viti Plant Aware Irrigation. Our method based on sap flow sensors allows winegrowers […]

Because winegrowers fear bad climate may ruin their efforts on vine production and alter yield, they may tend to harvest sooner rather than later, while winemaker’s expectations often call to delay harvest to improve grape color and aromatic profile. The difference between these expectations can cause stress and tension between the […]

It is commonly admitted that irrigation strategy has an impact on root size and distribution in the soil. Recently it was shown that irrigation strategy also affects vine vascular structure and that delaying the first irrigation contribute to increasing vine hydraulic resistance (here). More irrigation early season makes the vine […]

An NDVI aerial view maps and analyzes the vineyard from “above” the canopy. Thus, it provides information on leaf biomass. By contrast, a Physiocap® view analyzes the vineyard from “underneath” the canopy and maps the distribution of wood mass in your vineyard. Performed before budbreak, Physiocap®  measurement informs on the […]

Fruition Sciences will provide you the Dyostem® results directly on 360viti, our vineyard intelligence platform. Results will be presented in two ways. One sugar loading curve per sampled blocks. Measurements will start at veraison. The sampling frequency should be once a week for red varietals and twice for whites. A minimum of 4 […]